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Plano Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Terra Cotta Tiles

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Terra cotta panels are constructed out of steel and are coated with clay for a product that is comparable to clay tiles. The material is man-made and is widely used on commercial and residential buildings in North America. For those who are considering hiring a Plano roofing professional to install the product, there are a few benefits to enjoy with this type of structure.

Unlike clay tiles, terra cotta roofs are not prone to cracking or shattering when a roofer needs to walk on the structure to make repairs. This means that less repairs will be needed and that the product is extremely durable. They are prone to remaining strong in high temperatures, heavy rainfall and snow without deteriorating quickly. Those in colder climates can have terra cotta tiles installed without worrying about the material suffering from frost. This allows them to be used in colder regions or even on the coast due to its durability.

Most terra cotta roofs come with a 50 year warranty, which will offer peace of mind to homeowners who don't want to replace the structure any sooner than that.

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This will help to increase the value of the property and can be a great selling point when it's listed on the market.

Another benefit of the material is that they're extremely resistant to fire and are noncombustible, so they're safe to install on buildings that are in brushfire locations. They are also considered to be a green roofing option because they're not toxic and are safe for the collection of rainwater. They can also be used on roofs that have low or steep slopes and are installed with angled fasteners.

Terra cotta panels are also considered to be extremely attractive and help enhance the curb appeal of the property. They are known to mimic the look of clay tiles and can create an Italian or Spanish Colonial appearance on a home.

Terra cotta is also more affordable than clay tiles and can be easier to afford for homeowners. They also won't fade or suffer from erosion, which will maintain the appearance of the property.

Although clay tiles are extremely heavy and may need reinforcements on the frame of a building to hold up the roof, terra cotta panels are much more lightweight in their design. This makes them easy to transport and install by professional roofers at a lower cost. Most terra cotta roofs can be installed in a day for a smooth and easy process.

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