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Of all the dangers a homeowner can face, one of them is a bee colony living in the eaves of the roof. This can be a major problem because bee venom can be very toxic to some people if they are allergic.

If a Plano homeowner observes a lot of bees congregating outside of a soffit vent or sees them on the inside of the house, chances are good there is a nest in the eaves. The roof eaves are a very popular place for insects to build nests. Bees will usually build a colony inside the roof eaves that receives the most heat from the sun, typically the south or southwest side.

If a Plano homeowner suspects a bee infestation in their home's roof eaves, they should contact a professional to remove them. One can always call an exterminator to take care of the problem, but, if the insects are honeybees and the hive is large and well established inside the roof eaves, an experienced beekeeper may be able to come and remove the whole colony free of charge. After the bees are gone, the homeowner needs to contact a Plano roofing contractor to inspect the roof and repair any damage caused by the bee colony.

Over time, a bee colony in the eaves of a roof will grow quite large and end up putting a lot of strain on the soffit boards.

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The bees will work to fill this roof cavity with honeycombs full of honey and a large nursery of bee larvae. This extra weight can eventually cause the soffit boards to split and warp. Also, the honey and wax within the eaves of the roof can cause the soffit to decay. As the hive grows even larger, it can clog up the soffit vents as well.

The hot weather of summer can cause honey and bee excrement to leak down through the ceilings of the house and cause unsightly stains. It will also stain and discolor the soffit boards and the outside wall of the house.

The presence of bees in the roof cavity can attract other pests to take up residence in the attic space as well. Beetles, flies, rats and mice are some examples.

Sometimes the bees will come through holes in the ceiling and end up in light fixtures or elsewhere inside of the house. Dead bees inside of a light fixture can be another good indication of a bee infestation in the eaves of a home.

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