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Roofing is a constantly evolving construction science. Many of the advancements that have been achieved over the last two decades are being employed by Plano roofing contractors to make roofs more economical, longer lasting and more energy efficient. Some of the improvements that stand out most are ventilation, fire resistance, wind resistance, recycling and the manufacturing process itself.

Perhaps the greatest breakthrough in roofing recently has been the industry's increased understanding of attic ventilation. Through use of thermal imaging and computer processing, builders now have a better understanding of how a roof ventilates and how inadequate ventilation wears on shingles. This has led to achieving a balance between attic air and outside air through ventilation systems that emphasize passive vents rather than active solutions, such as motorized fans and turbine vents.

One of the great roofing advancements of the 20th century was the invention of the fiberglass mat for asphalt shingles. These shingles, which were a roofing standard by 1980, allowed for a Class A fire rating. Since asphalt shingles were and remain the most common roofing material in use, this meant that most homes had a roof with a Class A rating. More recently, the industry has invented ways to impregnate wood roofing materials, such as cedar shingles, in order to achieve a Class A rating as well.

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Another advantage of the fiberglass mat is its tensile strength. Organic asphalt shingles were prone to tearing during high winds. Fiberglass shingles, on the other hand, have great wind resistance and are often more likely to rip off the roof entirely than tear. Recent advancements have made these composites even stronger, and the study of wind dynamics has led to constructing homes in a way that minimizes the impact of strong winds.

Motivated to reduce costs, the asphalt industry innovated a process by which asphalt shingles can be broken down into a base material that can be turned into asphalt for paving roads. This invention not only saves money but also significantly reduces the need for new asphalt and the amount of old asphalt shingles that sit in landfills.

Finally, refinement of the manufacturing process of shingles has made a big difference as well. For instance, computers integrated into assembly lines have practically removed splices in the shingles that make it to retail. Computerization has also allowed for reduced consumer costs for features like flame and algae resistance, and it has allowed manufacturers to achieve colors and textures that were once deemed impossible.

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