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Many historic homes in the United States were constructed during periods in which the wooden roof shingle was the standard for roof coverings. The wooden shingles contribute to the historicity of a home by serving as a record of the architectural style and the installation methods used during those periods. Both of these elements should be preserved when the wooden shingles are inevitably replaced, especially for homes that are officially designated as historic and for which the integrity of their appearance must be maintained.

The wooden shingles on historic homes should be replaced before the other wooden parts of the building begin to deteriorate. The replacement wooden shingles should have the same details and workmanship as the ones that are being replaced. They should also be installed by a skilled roofer, such as a Fort Worth roofing specialist, who is able to install the shingles in manner that is compatible with the historic roof, while ensuring that the updated roof adheres to local building codes.

In some cases, it is impossible to obtain wholly accurate duplicates of the wooden shingles that were used on the historic roof.

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In this situation, it is usually sufficient to use shingles that mimic the appearance of the historical roof without duplicating all of the details of the original shingles. For example, sometimes the species of wood that was used is no longer available. If there are no obvious effects on the appearance of the replacement shingles, then the manner in which the shingles were fabricated, the use of protective coatings, such as fire retardants and preservative treatments and how the shingles are nailed into the roof deck can all differ from the original shingles.

However, there are specific features of the historic wooden shingles that have to be reproduced in order for the character of the home to remain the same. The wood should be of the highest quality and have a surface texture that is similar to that of the historical shingles. The dimensions of the shingles should be the same in thickness, length and width. Any decorative details, such as color or exposed roofing nails, should also match, in addition to the pattern in which the shingles were installed.

One of the most important features of a historic home is its wooden shingle roof. When it is time to replace the wooden shingles, careful consideration should be taken to use shingles with the properties that can maintain the historical integrity of the home.

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