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A concrete roof offers homeowners a number of benefits. The design possibilities are immense, especially considering that concrete tiles are available in a variety of colors, profiles, designs and even textures. A quality concrete tile will be tinted with pigments during the manufacturing process rather than having a paint coating applied after the tile has dried. This helps ensure better color saturation that won't chip off or fade from sun and weather exposure.

Fort Worth roofing contractors have seen an increase in the number of homeowners who are requesting a concrete roof. One of the reasons these roofs have become so popular is they offer a very durable roofing solution that looks great year after year. For more than a century, concrete tiles have been used in roofing homes and buildings all over the world.

Concrete tiles have a proven track record of holding up well in the cold, rain and hail as well as in the intense summer heat and sun. In fact, many manufacturers offer warranties of 50 years up to the life of the structure. That's an incredible incentive for many homeowners.

Some roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, will not have the longevity that concrete shingles can provide. Other roofing systems, like Spanish tile or slate, can offer an exceptional lifespan; however, they will typically cost much more than a roof that uses concrete tiles.

The roofing experts at Total Roofing of Ft Worth can answer questions about emergency repairs or gutters.

Concrete offers a great balance between longevity, design style and price, making it extremely cost effective for roofing purposes.

Of course, concrete also offers excellent fire resistance. A concrete roof is generally rated Class A for fire resistance and provides excellent protection against the spread of fire. Additionally, when the roof is properly installed, concrete tiles are extremely wind-resistant. A solid roof that is not susceptible to blow off during high winds can provide extra protection and peace of mind, especially in areas that are prone to storms.

Concrete tiles are also easy to maintain and repair. Each tile is installed individually, making it much easier for a roofing contractor to repair. This can help reduce roofing repair and maintenance costs. Typical maintenance for a concrete roof will be limited to things like flashing and gutters. Concrete tiles offer an almost maintenance-free roofing solution.

With numerous color and design styles, homeowners can choose a concrete tile roof that matches their home's exterior and architectural style while still blending in well with other roofing systems in the neighborhood.

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