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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About What Is PVC Roofing?

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Many business owners faced with replacing their roof are overwhelmed by the choices of roofing materials currently available to them. Fort Worth roofing companies are able to install everything from asphalt to modified bitumen to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane roofing. The last of these materials (PVC) has grown in popularity in recent years, although many business owners may not be informed about this option to roof their businesses.

PVC roofing is single ply roofing, manufactured from a thick, flexible thermoplastic material that is also highly UV-resistant. Sometimes, PVC can also contain additional components, such as polyester, fiberglass, resins and plasticizers. The precise make up of the material depends on the process and recipe used by the individual manufacturer. These can be quite different.

PVC is used only in the construction of flat roofs, which is why it is so often used by businesses to meet their roofing needs. Some more recently created types of PVC roofing are also Energy Star rated for their energy efficiency. This can be helpful for businesses that value sustainability or hope to receive tax credits for making environmentally sound choices.

In general, PVC roofs have moderate lifespans, estimated between 15 to 20 years. Some products are designed with longer lives in mind; however, these are generally much less budget friendly than typical PVC products.

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The material tends to last longer in warm, dry climates than in ones that experience extreme cold or heavy rain and snowfall. The cold can make the material more brittle as it ages. Some manufacturers are creating PVC roofing that is especially formulated for harsher climates.

One quality that sets PVC apart from other flat or low-slope roofing materials is its superior waterproofing capability. In fact, many products designed for waterproofing residential roofs or rooftop decks are PVC based.

Roofs made from PVC materials are most often white or light gray to help increase energy efficiency and reduce heat absorption. Business owners do have additional choices, however, in the appearance of their PVC roofing, including a vast array of custom colors and designs, plus the possibility of displaying their company logo on their rooftop. PVC can even be designed to look like tiling or shingles, from a distance.

The custom options noted above are generally more expensive. For businesses located in posh locations, however, choosing a more attractive roofing option may be worth it in the long term. Many people find even standard PVC more appealing than modified bitumen or built-up roofing (BUR), in general.

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