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Roofing ventilation is an important and integral part of maintaining the attic and the interior of the roof itself. It alleviates heat build-up, while preventing the onset of moisture. Without proper exhausts within this area of the house, several problems can occur, including mildew and mold growth. When it comes to proper maintenance of the ventilation, there are several components that homeowners should be aware of. Inspection by a qualified Fort Worth roofing specialist can offer insight as to how well the home can get rid of the excess heat within the attic.

In order for the ventilation system to work efficiently, there needs to be a balance of intake to exhaust. This means that the same cubic feet of air coming into the attic should be close to the same that is being ventilated. If there is more or less airflow coming into the establishment, the scheme isn't working to the best of its ability.

Some homes are equipped with exhaust fans that move the air from the attic space to the outside. Vents in the soffits will then pull the air in, creating a cycle.

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In this kind of a setup, the exhaust fan is operating close to maximum efficiency as it's moving the same volume of air both in and out of the establishment. If the fan breaks down or the intake vents become clogged, the flow of air is greatly reduced and may lead to moisture build-up.

Rain and snow isn't the only form of moisture an attic space can collect. According to professionals, an average family of four can generate up to four gallons of water vapor through various indoor activities. Cooking, cleaning, showers and even breathing can contribute to moisture in the atmosphere of the home. If the ventilation on the attic is covered or the exhaust fan is broken, that vapor can begin to condense on pipes and other smooth surfaces.

During the winter months, moisture has a greater chance of collecting on various surfaces in the attic. Due to the excessive heat and the colder air, condensation can cause water to form in many different locations. Without being able to eliminate the moisture, this can become an ideal breeding ground for molds and fungi.

To prevent additional moisture from accumulating in the attic space, the area needs to be properly sealed from the rest of the home. For example, holes in the ceiling can allow moisture developed by people to escape into the attic. This is important, for it can contribute to uneven snow melts and even help build ice dams on the roof.

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