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There are many different types of roof coverings that have been used throughout history. Many continue to be used today in various parts of the world, and the top layer roof coverings used in a region often vary not only according to economic factors, but also according to environmental factors.

Fort Worth roofing types can vary substantially, though as in most areas of the United States, various kinds of shingles are the most popular as opposed to tiles and metal. Generally, shingles consist of overlapping layers of natural or synthetic material. Shingles can be made out of wood, asphalt, slate, rubber, metal and even solar panels. Shingle material longevity and cost vary as much as the materials themselves, but all will last at least twenty years with proper care and maintenance. Shake, a subset of shingles, is always made from wood. However, there are varieties of wood shingles and wood shakes available to homeowners, and the difference is in the manufacturing process. Wood shingles are made from sawn wood, and have cleaner, tailored edges as a result. Wood shake, on the other hand, is made from split wood, which gives it a more natural, dimensional look.

While shingles are the most common roofing material, there are other roofing materials available. Ceramic tile is becoming a popular choice for some homeowners for its distinct look and extended lifespan.

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A well maintained tile roof can last over a century, but the material is expensive and installation may require that the building be reinforced in order to withstand the extra weight of tiles.

Metal roofing is also a fairly common choice, particularly for sheds and other utility buildings. The benefits of metal roofing are primarily low cost and high durability. However, metal is a less popular choice for houses because it has high thermal conductivity, which can require more insulation and ventilation. Additionally, metal is subject to rusting, and so additional steps must be taken to prevent corrosion.

There are other, less common types of roofing materials available as well. Membrane roofing, concrete roofing and thatch are some examples of these alternative roofing styles.

Many styles of roofs have been used throughout history, and many of the roofing methods invented are still in use today. There are relatively few "obsolete" roofing styles, and this means that there are abundant choices when it comes time to reroof a home. A roofing contractor can help determine which type of product is best for a home based on its underlying structure, the climate and the homeowner's budget.

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