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Torch down roofing is a membrane layer roofing system designed for low or no slope roofs. As the name implies, a torch is used to seal the layers of material together. This installation method defines torch down systems from other membrane styles. A Fort Worth roofing contractor can help a building owner decide if torch down roofing is right for them. Once the decision is made, only a qualified professional should perform the installation.

A torch down roof may consist of either a two or three layer system. The two layer system is a base covered by the torch down layer. A three layer system adds a granular surface on top. The three layer system is more expensive, but the superior protection and longevity it provides outweigh the costs.

The rubberized asphalt material used for torch down roofing systems is strong, flexible and highly resistant to leaks and wear. This makes torch down roofing one of the most resilient of all roofing options and ideal for severe weather areas. While torch down roofs look similar to other asphalt layer roofs, they have several different properties. They do not release the same noxious fumes as tar. They are also more heat, fire and UV resistant.

There are two disadvantages of torch down roofs that owners should consider.

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While the roof is durable against high wind and severe weather conditions, it is not tear resistant and can be easily damaged if walked upon. This makes it much less suitable for roof top solar panel installation or roof mounted air conditioning units. Inspection and repair is also more difficult with torch down roofing and should always be done professionally. A homeowner may severely damage their roof by walking across it for inspection. Walk pads and other methods may be used by professionals to protect the roof during inspection and repair.

Pooling water and piling snow can also be a problem with torch down roofs as it is with all low slope roof designs. The roof must have a drainage system that will help prevent excessive water buildup. In snowy climates, it may also require additional reinforcement to handle higher structural loads.

The danger of installation is the final consideration when thinking about a torch down roof. A blowtorch is used during installation, and this brings the unavoidable risk of fire damage. Torch down roofing remains one of the more dangerous roof types to install, but experienced contractors will be able to minimize this risk.

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