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The modern residential roof is more ecofriendly than ever. Homeowners are not only reducing their environmental footprints but also putting their roofs to work for them. Solar energy is becoming a practical and efficient option for the average homeowner, which is why Fort Worth roofing companies are being hired to install CIGS solar shingles on roofs throughout the area.

Until recently, homeowners had essentially one option for solar energy: solar panels. Solar panels are large and heavy, which means that installation and shipping costs are high. Installation of solar panels usually requires the removal of the roofing material, which means that installation is usually only practical when reroofing the home. At other times, additional costs can make the total cost prohibitive for many.

Largely motivated by these barriers to the average consumer, the industry recently introduced solar shingles. Fundamentally, solar shingles are a lot like solar panels. The biggest difference is in form. Solar shingles are small, thin, lightweight and designed to look a lot like a typical asphalt shingle. In fact, solar shingles aren't installed on the roof but are part of it.

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Most homes require only a row or two, and the solar shingles simply take the place of the asphalt shingles in those rows.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of solar shingles is that they can be installed as needed without the additional concerns that come with solar panels. A homeowner can install solar shingles into an existing roof, add rows, replace shingles and even remove shingles without additional expenses. Additionally, many roofers can install solar shingles before having an electrician finish the job.

Solar shingles do have some disadvantages that are worth noting. Since they're a lot like a shingle, they're in a fixed position that's dictated by the construction and location of the home. A solar panel can be installed just about anywhere on a roof and then angled and rotated to achieve an ideal position. This isn't the case with solar shingles, and some homeowners will unfortunately determine that their homes are simply unsuitable for them.

However, most homeowners will be able to use solar shingles, and they are a great option for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. They tend to be a more economical than solar panels, and they're eligible for nearly all of the same government incentives, such as tax rebates. Furthermore, each shingle can produce between 13 to 63 watts. Even at the minimum of 13, it only requires 77 tiles to generate a kilowatt.

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