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Once a novel idea, solar roofing is becoming more commonplace and is proving to be a wise investment. Many homeowners are choosing solar roofing because of its benefits. When considering solar roofing, it is best to speak with a Fort Worth roofing professional for insight.

Every day the sun is shining. Even when it is hidden behind clouds or rain, it is still shining and is the source of tremendous power. Given the rising costs of heating a home, it makes sense to consider turning to the sun and harnessing its heat and energy potential.

Solar roofing takes this sunlight and converts it into electricity using photovoltaic technology. Solar roofing comes in the form of shingles or panels. In the past, only the large solar panels were available and were often thought to be an eyesore sitting on the roof. Scientific advances have introduced the solar shingle, which is much more attractive and inconspicuous.

The two most common solar shingles are silicon and thin film. Silicon based solar shingles are manufactured by CertainTeed, and thin film shingles are made by Dow. The thin film type is made of a thin film of copper indium gallium diselenide, which is laminated onto the shingles. Although they are not as efficient as the silicon based type, they are flexible and less expensive to produce.

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Other manufacturers offer different systems, including tempered glass solar modules and hybrid solar shingles.

Solar roofs perform best on sunny, clear days when exposure to the sun is at its highest. Certain other variables optimize the performance of solar roofing as well. It is typically the most efficient on homes close to the equator and on roofs facing south. Homeowners should also be sure to remove anything blocking or shading the shingles in order to maximize their efficiency.

Although some may think so, using solar roofing does not mean that a homeowner is no longer tied into the local power grid. Most solar roofing systems work alongside the local utility company. When the solar roofing is not producing much energy, such as night or on rainy or foggy days, then regular power is used.

Both solar panels and shingles are protective and durable. They are fireproof and weatherproof. Solar roofing is expensive, but homeowners can expect it to function for decades. Further, the savings in energy costs can make it worth the expense. A homeowner may choose to speak with a professional before deciding whether to install solar roofing.

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