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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About The Benefits Of Installing Roof Vents

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Most homeowners are unaware of the benefits and often the necessity of installing ventilation in a roof. Contrary to popular belief, proper ventilation is not optional and is key to maintenance and the functional capabilities of the home. Roofs determine how much cool air stays in the home during the summer and how much warm air leaves during the winter. Likewise, roofs and attics are deeply connected. A poorly ventilated roof is not able to properly release or trap air that passes through the attic and may even contribute to the buildup of dust, mildew and moisture over time. Fort Worth roofing professionals can help homeowners determine which vents are best for their home.

The greatest benefit to installing ventilation in a roofing system is that it improves the longevity of the roof, which, in turn, improves the value of the home. Older homes are known for having poor roof ventilation, if they have any vents at all. While older homes may seem to function well without vents, this is actually due to the fact that many older homes are already ventilated by flawed means.

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Older homes rarely feature the same high quality weatherproofing and environmentally friendly finishes and technologies that keep air locked inside the home. While large spaces between layers of the home's infrastructure result in accidental ventilation, they can also cause other serious problems.

Because newer homes are often well sealed, ventilation becomes a serious issue. When condensation forms inside the home due to a lack of airflow through the roof, moisture accumulation will result. Excess moisture in the home can not only create a musty environment that leads to the growth of mold and triggers allergies, but it can damage the wallpaper, paint, carpet and can even infiltrate the structure of the roof. Often, the first indication that a home is suffering from a lack of proper ventilation is when rot forms within the roof frame itself. This can be an expensive problem to solve and typically requires total roof replacements.

Roof ridge vents are the ideal ventilation choice for most homes, especially those with vaulted ceilings. Other options include soffit and gable vents. Soffit vents are a subcategory of the ridge vent that must be installed at the roof soffits. Ridge vents are more versatile and can be installed in various other locations. Whichever type of vents homeowners choose, they can rest assured that any ventilation system is better than none at all.

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