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Today, there are a lot of options to choose from when evaluating different roofing materials, from asphalt and wood shingles to metal sheet, as well as several different types of tile. It is important to know the advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with various types of roofs, as well as their expected lifetime.

Terracotta tile is a popular roofing material, particularly in the Southwest, as it resembles the Spanish mission style whose architectural influence has endured in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. There are a number of reasons to consider terracotta tile, and a qualified Fort Worth roofing contractor will be able to explain the installation process and associated costs.

One of the strongest reasons to consider terracotta tiles is their durability. Only slate roofs will last longer, and they require maintenance. Terracotta is extremely resistant to wear and tear and is highly adaptable to extreme weather. Their prevalence across New Mexico and Texas is a testament to this, as extreme variable weather, such as summer monsoons, heavy winds, and sudden snow are all prevalent in this region. Terracotta roofs endure these conditions much better than wood, slate or even metal.

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In addition, terracotta tiles are resistant to fire, reducing the danger to the home, and do not require the regular maintenance that wood and asphalt shingles do. Unlike asphalt shingles, where damage to a single part requires replacing the surroundings as well, it is only necessary to replace the damaged tiles in question where terracotta is concerned.

Although physical attractiveness may be the most superficial advantage to tile roofs, it is not one to dismiss. An attractive roof adds value to a home, as well as improving the general appearance of a neighborhood. Although terracotta is usually a warm orange or red hue, they can be made in neutral tones for those who don't desire a brightly colored roof.

There are a couple of things to consider before buying clay tile, however. Like slate, which has a natural cleavage in the stone, terracotta tiles can be brittle, and the roof should not be accessed by anyone other than a professional roofing contractor. Because of this, terracotta roofs are not a good DIY project.

In addition, tile roofs are much heavier than other types of roofs, and additional support will likely be required to accommodate them. Because of this and the added cost of materials, terracotta roofs are among the most expensive types of roofing; however, their significantly longer lifespan serves to offset this.

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