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CertainTeed is one of the top names in the roofing world. The company has a long history of providing customers with products designed to help them improve the look and function of their roofs. CertainTeed also has a deep commitment to the environment and in helping save the environment for future generations. That is why the company has jumped into the solar energy world. Though there are only a small number of manufacturers producing solar shingles, CertainTeed is one of the only companies making an entire solar system for use on a home's roof. Homeowners interested in learning more or getting an estimate as to the cost of a system can contact a Fort Worth roofing company.

A traditional roofing solar system consists of several parts that work with the electrical system in the home, including solar panels and an inverter. Solar panels, which come in different shapes to fit different size homes, sit directly on the top of the roof and connect to the inverter. The inverter itself then connects to the home's breaker system, which connects to the utility panel and the electrical lines running to the house.

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The energy gathered in the solar panels moves to the inverter, which transforms the energy into AC power.

Depending on the strength of the sun, one of these systems may produce all the energy and power a home needs. Residents can watch television, play video games, cook and even use the air conditioner without needing to tap into the electrical lines outside. Though solar shingles can produce a large amount of energy, many find that they still need to rely on the electricity from their energy provider to use all the appliances and devices in their homes. Installing a solar system lets them get all the energy that they need.

The less energy that a home takes from an electrical provider puts more money back in the pockets of homeowners. Some states also have plans in place with CertainTeed that lets homeowners get money back for energy they do not use. The meter that works with the system monitors the amount of energy produced in comparison to the amount used. If there is a surplus, some states will actually pay homeowners for that surplus, letting them make money by simply installing a new roofing system. Solar systems from CertainTeed fit with any style of home and won't detract from the look of any shingles or other materials used on the roof.

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