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Homeowners have about a half dozen material choices available for their new roof replacement project, including traditional shingles and clay tiles. These two materials are starkly different from each other because of their style and design. Shingles are thin and flexible, whereas clay tiles are relatively thick and sturdy. It's important for homeowners to weigh all of the features between each product, and they must ask pertinent questions of Fort Worth roofing professionals to arrive at a purchasing decision.

Homeowners often compare the materials' cost before any other features. Generally, shingles will cost less than clay tiles. Both materials are mass-produced, but clay tiles require more components for their finished product. Homeowners may want a clay tile rooftop, but they don't have the funds to pay for it outright. In response, contractors could have various payment options to choose from to make any rooftop installation an affordable one for residents.

Material durability is an important feature of any rooftop installation. Shingles usually last about 20 or 30 years, for instance. Clay tiles often last for 50 years or more. Homeowners must consider these material timelines before selecting any products.

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Residents who want to live in the home for the rest of their lives would benefit from a clay tile roof because future replacement wouldn't be a factor in their future financial plans. Homeowners who want to sell the property very shortly, however, would have a better investment option with a shingled rooftop installation.

A negative feature of clay tile roofs is sectional troubleshooting difficulties. If a leak develops in the middle of the rooftop, the contractors have a hard time pulling tiles off of the surface to access the damage below. In contrast, shingles are easily removed and replaced in small sections to troubleshoot or repair a problematic area.

Homeowners must also consider roofing material weight for an installation. Most roofs can support either shingles or clay tiles when they're properly maintained through the years; however, any clay tile installation must be met with a lot of load calculations performed by contractors. Roofers must verify that a roof can safely hold all the necessary materials before quoting the homeowners.

All contractors specialize in different material types and installation styles, so homeowners must interview several roofing companies to find experienced individuals. Although one company may not have the staff to complete a given project, they might know other professionals in the business who can serve a client's needs. Homeowners simply need to explain their needs in great detail to contractors in order to successfully complete a superior rooftop project.

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