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When ice accumulates in a gutter, it could cause an ice dam and damage the roof and gutter. However, it may be equally damaging to the roof to put salt on a shingle, regardless of whether the roof has single coverage or double coverage. A Fort Worth roofing professional may be able to help homeowners take steps to reduce the occurrence of ice.

For example, it may be possible to add additional vents to ensure that the roof is at a uniform temperature. It may also be possible to reset gutters to ensure that any snow or sleet that may accumulate on the roof flows into the gutter and away from the home. These are both preferable to using salt to get rid of ice that exists on a roof's surface.

The biggest reason why a homeowner should not use salt is that it can increase the risk of corrosion or rust on gutters and downspouts. Flashing can also be vulnerable to rust if it is exposed to salt. Rust will cause these components to become weak and unstable, which could result in a collapse.

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In the event of a gutter collapse, a homeowner could be looking at a repair bill in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. If the gutter is not set properly, salt could eat away at the side of the home itself, which is another potentially costly repair job, if not done in a timely manner.

Applying salt directly on a shingle will not cause it to harm the shingle directly. However, a layer of salt residue will accumulate on its surface that can lead to stains and other aesthetic issues. This occurs due to chemical reactions between the shingle, the salt and the moisture from the melting ice. Because of the high risk for discoloration, many manufacturers will dissuade homeowners from using salt to get rid of ice.

For homeowners, the best way to resolve issues related to an ice dam is to have a professional chip away at the ice. It only takes a few inches of clear gutter for water to start funneling down the roof and away from the property. Once the ice starts to melt and stops clogging the gutter, snow, sleet and rain should easily funnel off of the roof's surface. From there, it is possible for a contractor to start making adjustments to the roof and attic to make sure that the problem does not come back.

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