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Sometimes, a roof that looks bad isn't in poor condition; it just needs a bit of cleaning. Over time, roofs may experience a build-up of dirt, but most "dirty roofs" aren't actually dirty at all. It may take a trained professional from a Fort Worth roofing company to identify the source of the problem, to safely clean the roof, and to help the homeowner prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Black streaks on the roof may be the biggest source of the problem. These are typically caused by algae and occur when the roof is damp. This condition may also be caused by moss or dampness. The problem with trying to remove the growths with soap and water is that this process only temporarily solves the problem. Soap and water alone don't kill algae or moss, and while the roof may look clean for a short time, the problem will return.

Chemical solutions called algaecides can kill off algae and moss, but they can also kill any other plants around the home. Extreme caution should be used if cleaning the roof with these substances, and professional assistance is recommended.

Some homeowners may believe all the roof needs is a good power washing, and some companies provide this service. Surprisingly, power washing is a bad idea.

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By power washing the roof, the homeowner is likely to unintentionally remove asphalt granules, which allow the roof to properly protect. This significantly shortens the lifetime of the roof. In many cases, it also voids the warranty on the shingles, which can be an expensive mistake.

Instead, the homeowner should use a cleaning brush and a gentle cleaning solution. However, extreme caution should be used when accessing the roof. Wet roofs can be slippery, and it's dangerous for an inexperienced homeowner to attempt the job. Staying on the dry areas is the best way for a homeowner to remain safe, but anyone who doesn't feel comfortable on the roof of their home to call professional cleaners to complete the task.

Once the roof has been cleaned, it's smart to take some preventative measures so that algae and moss don't grow back. Roofing companies can easily install zinc or copper flashing. The copper ions in the flashing work to combat the growth of algae. It's also helpful to trim branches that might make it difficult for the roof to remain completely dry after inclement weather. By following these steps, a homeowner can prevent algae and other unwanted bacteria from growing on their roof.

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