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One great way to improve your property value is by building an extra room in your home or enclosing a patio or deck. However, these projects often require that the homeowner seamlessly transitions the new roof into the existing roofline. This is a major undertaking, and there are several things to consider before beginning a project of this scope.

In simplest terms, it is possible to incorporate a new roof into an old one through a couple of common methods that Fort Worth roofing contractors use all the time.

First, if a flat roof is to be attached to a slope roof, this is done with the use of a ledger board. Tying together this way may require the removal of some old roof elements such as shingles, underlayment and sheathing. You may also need to remove siding from the house so you can get the ledger board securely attached. The board will be used to connect the new roof system to the old.

Second, if you are attaching a sloped roof to another sloped roof, you will use valley rafters instead of a ledger board. This method will require the stripping off of the old roofing and reinforcing of the old roof's rafters. The valley rafters will then be used to tie the old and new roof systems together.

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This type of undertaking can pose many challenges. While it can certainly be done by a roofing professional, it is not recommended as a do it yourself project. In addition to a remodeling job, homeowners will need to consult with an engineer to make sure the existing roof can support the weight of the new one. The homeowner may have to invest in additional support structures for this purpose. It is also necessary to get the proper permits from your local municipality.

With these challenges, it is recommended that homeowners who are eager to take on an addition project outsource the roof-connecting portion of the work. If you want to do the majority of the project, then ask your roofing professional to tie in the rafters and build the substructure. You can still climb on the roof and install the shingles.

Building an addition can be a lot of fun for a homeowner. Nevertheless, roof tie-ins are serious projects that require professional consultations. Roofing professionals that specialize in this type of workmanship will be happy to assist any homeowner achieve his or her vision for a remodeled roof.

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