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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About Roof Repair Versus Replacement

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Shingled roofs can last as long as 30 years with the right care by a Fort Worth roofing professional. Even with quality care, repair issues may come up in the first few decades. Contractors must inspect and qualify each roof project based on several factors, from damage severity to surface age. When it comes to roof repair versus replacement, contractors will decide on the best project type and discuss it with homeowners for final approval.

Almost all homeowners have dealt with leaking roofs at times. They'll see telltale yellow marks on walls or ceilings, for example, and roofers are called in to pinpoint and repair those isolated leaks. If there are only a few rogue leaking areas, repairs are affordable and a smart solution for the structure. However, roofs with leaks found sporadically around the surface must be estimated as complete replacements. Even if contractors repair all the random leaks, there is an issue with the roof that will only encourage more leaks to develop. Contractors will discuss all issues with homeowners, allowing them to make the right decision for themselves.

When high winds pick up, entire roof sections can break off or simply crack. If contractors see sections, such as one-quarter of the roof, as complete losses, a replacement roof is necessary. Leaks and other issues are probably developing around the damaged section.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Fort Worth TX can answer questions about gutters or emergency repairs.

If it's merely repaired, the cost would be nearly half the amount of a new roof or more.

Because roofs last for several decades, age becomes a factor for repairs versus replacement. A 25 year old roof with a few leaks could be repaired, but that money is better spent on a brand new rooftop. Newer roofs less than 10 years old may still be covered under some warranty clauses. It's smart to ask many questions of contractors to see the best choices for your situation.

Shingles are meant to lay flush against the roof, but they can lift and curl over time. New roofs with this issue are looking at a warranty problem commonly covered by the manufacturer. Older roofs shouldn't be repaired when random curling shingles are present because they will all warp soon because of age. Replacing the roof at that point is crucial.

Roof problems could result soon after a new surface is added. Hail damage, for example, is extremely damaging even to a new rooftop. Contractors must verify if a complete replacement is necessary. In these unusual cases, however, insurance often takes care of the cost. Hail is a weathering element that cannot be avoided in some areas.

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