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Moisture surveys are an important part of a routine roof maintenance plan. A formal moisture survey is not typically necessary with every inspection, but one should be conducted about once every five years as part of an overall long term maintenance plan. A Fort Worth roofing expert will be able to conduct moisture surveys or partner with another company that specializes in this type of procedure. The contractor can then use the surveys to improve services.

There are several ways a moisture survey can be conducted. Despite the name, none of the methods in a moisture survey actually measure water or moisture content directly. An infrared thermograph measures heat emanating from the roof. Since wet materials transmit heat differently, they have noticeable infrared signatures compared to dry materials. Nuclear isotopic surveys send waves of hydrogen ions into the roof and count the number of ions that bounce back. Similar to the concept of sonar, an isotopic survey uses particles instead of sound waves. Wet materials will bounce back significantly more ions because there are two hydrogen ions in water molecules as opposed to one hydrogen ion in other materials. Electrical capacity and resistance tests measure a material's ability to conduct electric current.

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Since water is an excellent electrical conductor, wet materials generally conduct better than dry ones.

The choice of survey type will depend on a variety of factors. The materials used on the roof are one of the most important factors. Electrical resistance tests, for example, may not be well suited to roofs with many metal components because the metal will also conduct electricity well. Infrared surveys may be foiled by certain types of material or insulation that are especially reflective or do not allow enough heat absorption. The infrared method will not work unless the materials below the roof surface absorb enough heat during the day to be released during the survey.

Properly conducted surveys performed by an experienced contractor are invaluable to ensuring proper roof maintenance and timely repairs. The survey allows the exact areas of penetration or seepage to be targeted during a repair. Instead of having to rip up a large section of roof in order to track down leaks, the contractor can use the survey and rip up only the affected sections. The survey may also serve as part of a long term maintenance plan. Some moisture seepage may not require immediate repair. Surveys can be used to plan future repairs and focus inspection efforts on areas of the roof where problems are more likely to occur.

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