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A roof leak barrier, sometimes called an ice and water barrier, is a specific type of roofing underlayment product. As an underlayment, its purpose is to replace felt paper. This article details the specific uses for a roof leak barrier, what it is and how it works.

The primary purpose of the roof leak barrier is to serve as a roofing underlayment. This underlayment provides a last line of defense between the roof deck and the elements. While waterproof, it does not make for a suitable top layer because it is easy to tear.

Some Fort Worth roofing companies opt to lay a layer of felt paper and then a layer of roof leak barrier on top of that. This is done to reinforce the materials by combining two layers of protection. It also aids in the cleanup process when the roof is replaced.

Specifically, a roof leak barrier is a rubberized asphalt sheet with an adhesive backing. This combination of characteristics gives a roof leak barrier a few advantages over felt paper. However, one disadvantage is that its sticky adhesive backing makes a roof leak barrier slightly more difficult to apply.

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The adhesive is strong enough to adhere both to the wooden roof deck and to other sheets of plywood or underlayment.

Once applied, shingles are nailed into place on top of the barrier. This is where the rubberized nature of the product shines. With traditional felt paper, nails from the shingle layer could cause the possibility of water leakages through the felt paper layer. Because felt paper is punctured with nails, the water could then make its way onto the roof deck through the small gaps where the paper meets the nail. The rubberized nature of roof leak barriers solves this problem by closing into a waterproof sheath around the nail when punctured. As a result, a roof leak barrier provides superior protection as a roof underlayment.

Although roof leak barriers are better for preventing leaks, some homeowners decide against using it all over their roof, preferring instead to use it only where leaks are most common in order to save on costs.

A roof leak barrier is a reliable product, and it could safely be considered the next generation in roofing underlayment products. Traditional felt paper continues to be used as a low cost solution, but building codes in some states require roof leak barriers on new construction. Homeowners should check with a roofing contractor regarding codes in the Fort Worth region before ordering a new roof.

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