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It is important to ensure that your roof is inspected regularly by Fort Worth roofing professionals to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Regular inspections also protect materials and structures underneath the roof, such as insulation and ceilings. Additionally, inspections prevent emergencies that can occur during harsh weather.

Most warranties require that homeowners hire a professional to perform a roof inspection at regular intervals. Beyond the warranty period, the roof inspections should become part of the preventive maintenance tasks performed on the building. The property owner should create a comprehensive roof inspection program that describes the high-risk areas of the roof and when and how often the inspections are performed.

Regardless of the specific inspection plan, homeowners should ensure that their roof is checked out at least twice a year, particularly before and after the winter season. The roof should also be checked after harsh weather events involving hard rains, hail, significant snowfall or high winds.

The timing of the inspection is the trick. Trees drop leaves and seeds before and after winter and may block the gutters and downspouts. So, this is the best time to have the roof inspected for these problems.

The roofing experts at Total Roofing of Ft Worth can answer questions about roof maintenance or gutters.

Pre-winter inspection also eliminates most of the problems that are hard to repair during the winter season.

Homeowners should also identify the problem areas where the roof is more likely to get damaged. These areas include those around seals, vents, roof edges and flashing. Areas near any vibrating equipment, such HVAC setups, or where there is alligatoring and scuppers should also be inspected on a regular basis.

As an added measure, homeowners can invest in infrared imaging technology to easier find cracks and establish the extent of water penetration into interior materials, such as insulation and decking. Should repairs be needed in multiple locations, one should prioritize the extensively damaged parts of the roof.

As inspections are performed, it is a good idea to keep a history of the roof. All the findings after every inspection should be recorded. One should also know the age of the roof and jot down info about any repairs that have been made to correct the problems identified. In the record, one should also include the method used to correct the defects. During the warranty period, one should not attempt repairs without the approval of the warranty provider because they may void the warranty.

Consistent roof inspections and prompt repairs keep the roof looking as good as new. One also gets time to prepare for expensive roofing projects such as roof replacements.

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