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Many homeowners love the sounds of birds roosting nearby, especially when they are relaxing in their house. However, if the sounds are coming from the roof or inside the attic, homeowners should be wary because birds can cause serious damage to a roof if they are left in the home. If it is discovered that roof repairs are needed after birds were found making their home in the attic, a Fort Worth roofing contractor should be called as soon as possible.

Birds can get into the attic through large holes that may form in rotten wooden soffits or fascia. They may also choose these areas to build their nests. This can be problematic if there are electrical wires that could short out and potentially cause a fire. In other cases, birds may build their nests in the gutters, underneath the eaves or around drainage systems. If the drainage systems become blocked, major leaks can form as water seeps into the interior roofing materials and down into the living space.

If the birds decide to build their nests inside the attic itself, there is the possibility that those nests may be built in places that block the ventilation system. This could prevent hot air from getting out of the attic and cooler air from being pulled in.

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Additionally, moisture levels can increase, and the home's indoor air quality can plummet, especially if dust and other contaminants are brought into the home by the birds.

The biggest problem with having birds in the attic is the droppings. Not only do bird droppings often contain up to 60 transmittable diseases, the droppings themselves can cause damage to the roofing materials. Bird droppings are very acidic, and if enough droppings accumulate, the acidity can cause the wood to wear away until it can no longer support the weight of the roof. If the birds are left undisturbed for a long period of time, the roof could potentially collapse.

If homeowners find birds in the attic, the first thing they need to do is call a specialist who can remove the pests. Once the birds are gone, a roofing contractor can inspect the roof to determine just how much damage has been done. The roofer may recommend replacing the insulation and even some of the wooden materials. Finally, he or she will look for any points of entry and either replace the missing portions of the roof or seal the holes if possible.

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