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The roof of a home is often the first thing people notice because it is a large, external structure. A properly installed, well maintained roof is highly important, as it can protect the inside of a home from the elements and reduce energy bills.

However, the appearance of a roof can be just as important, particularly for homeowners looking to sell their home. The roof often gives buyers a clear indication as to what type of shape the home is in, thereby setting the stage for a good or bad first impression.

Maintaining a clean roof is a difficult task, especially when winter weather strikes and the roof's slippery surface can pose a safety hazard for homeowners. Homeowners interested in cleaning up the appearance of their roof should instead contact Fort Worth roofing professionals for assistance.

The roof of a home is often subjected to various elements such as rain, wind, snow and ice. In addition to temperatures fluctuations and humidity, the development of standing water can provide the perfect environment for the growth of algae and moss. It is easy to identify algae and moss growing on a roof because the roof will start looking a bit green. Alternately, the proliferation of algae can resemble dirt stains that run across a rooftop.

The roofing contractors at Total Roofing of Fort Worth can answer questions about residential roofing or emergency repairs.

In order to make a good first impression with buyers, a roof should be cleaned of these cultures.

Moss that is allowed to grow unencumbered on a roof's surface can make its way underneath the shingles, causing them to curl upward. The resulting damage can create small pathways for water to enter, which will manifest in wood rot and other structural defects.

A professional roofer can clean the roof in a variety of ways. Cleaning solutions may range from those containing zinc sulfate to a straight commercial bleach solution. The cleaning solution will need to be left on the roof for some time in order to kill the algae and moss. A homeowner can tell if the algae and moss is dead by its color. Once algae and moss turn brown, it means that they are incapable of regrowth. Clean the dead growth off the roof using a pressure washer or a garden hose with a nozzle attachment.

In cleaning the roof, the homeowner will be able to improve first impressions when potential buyers come to inspect the property. Homeowners who are unsure about the cleaning process should consult with experienced roofing professionals.

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