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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About Roof and Attic Fire Damage

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Every year, an estimated 10,000 fires occur in residential buildings. The U.S. Fire Administration states that this results in about 30 reported deaths and more than $150 million in losses annually. Although they only represent about 2 percent of all fires that occur in residential buildings, fires in the attic can be extremely serious, as most homeowners do not regularly use those spaces and therefore do not have smoke alarms set up in this space. If a fire does start in the attic, it may not be caught until smoke and flames spread to the roof and the living space.

Attic and roof fires are most commonly started by electrical equipment that fails or from faulty wiring. Heat from exposed wires can also spark fires in the insulation or in certain wooden components, such as the floor joists. During roof inspections, Fort Worth roofing contractors may check for this, and prevention of these fires requires regular roofing inspections.

When a roof or attic fire does occur and the home can be salvaged, the roof is one of the most important components that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Before repairs are made, however, an expert roofer should make a trip out to inspect what remains of the roof. Homeowners should not do this themselves, as the roof can be dangerous and unstable.

The roofing experts at Total Roofing of Ft Worth can answer questions about roof maintenance or emergency repairs.

Homeowners should also refrain from attempting to repair the roof until it can be inspected.

Another thing to note is that as soon as the fire is put out and everything has calmed down, homeowners should contact their insurance agent at their earliest opportunity. In most cases, an insurance claim will have to be filed, and this process can take some time.

Restoring the attic can be difficult because the smell of smoke can permeate anything in the attic. There are some products available that can pull the smell out of the structural components. In some cases, the entire area may have to be sealed using a special paint or primer that locks in odor. If it was a high pressure fire, the insulation will need to be disposed of. Any items that were in the attic may need to be tossed. The roofing components can potentially be sprayed with a commercial cleaner for smoke removal or a sealing primer.

No one wants to experience a fire. As such, most roofers recommend that homeowners have smoke alarms installed and have the wiring checked regularly. If air conditioners or heating units are installed in the attic, these should be maintained routinely to prevent malfunctions.

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