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When faced with roof replacement and repair options, many homeowners are attracted to the prospect of saving 25 percent or more on a new roof by simply having the shingles installed over the existing shingles. There are a few disadvantages, however, to roof overlay that homeowners should know about before making a decision. Tear off involves completely removing the old shingles from the roof and replacing them with new shingles. Overlay, on the other hand, leaves the old shingles in place while hammering the new shingles on top.

One of the concerns with roof overlay is that water damage on the roof sheathing sometimes goes undetected because roofing contractors cannot spot it due to the old shingles that cover the sheathing. Certain weak spots cannot be repaired without tearing off the old shingles, therefore.

Another problem with establishing a second layer of shingles on a roof is the added weight. The structure of the roof is designed to only hold so much weight, so homeowners must also ensure the roof can withstand other stresses, such as inclement weather. A Fort Worth roofing company should be contacted to accurately inspect the roof to ensure homeowner safety and to estimate longevity of the roof.

Different installation techniques must be used when adding a second layer to a roof.

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For example, roofers must typically hand nail a second layer of shingles onto a roof's surface whereas they can conveniently use a nail gun for installing a fresh layer of shingles to the bare roof.

The weakest zones of a roof are around chimneys, valleys and other protrusions. Thus, roofing contractors usually need to tear down the shingles around those areas even when installing shingles over the first layer. They need to remove the old shingles from these key areas to determine whether they need to be replaced.

Although homeowners can save 25 percent or more on having new shingles installed over the existing shingles, it is not always the best investment in the long run. For instance, if any damage occurred to the original roof during its lifespan, it will remain unnoticed until it causes a more obvious problem. By then, the repairs will be more costly because there are two layers of shingles to deal with and the damage had more time to expand or worsen.

Some houses will not even be able to safely support the weight of two layers of shingles. This is especially true for climates that receive a lot of rain or snow. Adding a second layer of shingles decreases how much water, snow and ice the roof can support without sustaining damage.

Therefore, homeowners must always receive the advice of a professional roofing company before having a second layer of shingles nailed on top of the existing shingles to avoid potential costly damages to the home.

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