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At some point in the lifespan of every home, the roof will need to be replaced. Barring major damage from a storm or other disaster, the materials used for the roof covering will wear down and begin to leak. Often, these leaks can be remedied with a few replacement shingles, but eventually the wear will be great enough that the whole roof must be replaced. In cases where the damage is mostly confined to the shingles themselves, it may be possible to reroof by laying new shingles over the existing layer. Homeowners will need to consult with a Fort Worth roofing professional to determine if their roof fits the criteria. As opposed to tearing off the old roofing materials and starting over, reroofing can save a substantial amount of money on labor and materials.

The first step requires that contractors make a thorough inspection of the roof and substructure. Reroofing is only a viable option in cases where the roof is sound structurally. The framing, decking and underlayment must all be in good shape, or the new layer of shingles will simply be masking the problems rather than solving them. In addition to a sound foundation, the thickness of the existing layers of shingles must be taken into account. Adding another layer will significantly increase the amount of weight that the roof must support.

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Once it has been established that the roof is in suitable condition to reroof, the existing shingles must be prepared to serve as a base for the new ones. Any torn or loose shingles will need to be removed and replaced. Curled or warped shingles must be cut away to provide an even surface on which to install the new shingles.

After this step is complete, roofers will check the drip edge, gutters and fascia boards to assure that no water will run back in under the new shingles. On reroofing projects, a new metal drip edge is often fitted over the existing pieces to provide extra protection.

Finally, the contractors will advise the use of heavier shingles for the new layer. Installing these shingles helps compress the existing layers, which gives the finished project the appearance of a completely new roof. Many times, homeowners will opt for architectural shingles to increase the curb appeal and cover any irregularities left over from the previous layers.

Installation is the most critical step to making the new layer of shingles function properly. Selecting a roofing contractor with experience in reroofing and an established reputation for quality work will be well worth the extra investment up front.

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