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A prevalent myth about metal roofing is that it's noisy. While a metal roof attached to open rafters is loud, modern residential roofs aren't constructed that way. Even if a particular metal roof, such as steel, is rated for a low sound transmission class, the Fort Worth roofing professionals who install it have a number of insulation and sound dampening techniques at their disposal.

This doesn't mean that there aren't loud roofs. Even asphalt roofs can be quite loud in the right scenario. This kind of noise tends to be more common in old homes due to the way they were constructed. Construction science has evolved greatly, and homes are built from the ground up with sound dampening in mind. In fact, sound dampening is a factor in the construction of roofing, external walls and exterior walls.

If a homeowner has an existing roof that's uncomfortably loud during rain, then they should schedule a professional inspection of the roof and attic. With metal roofs, some of the most common reasons they're loud is that the wrong fasteners were used or the fasteners were loosened. If the fasteners at the edges or seams aren't in place properly, then the noise that the homeowner is experiencing is likely due to vibrations.

In the attic, the roofer can determine if there is a structural reason for the noise.

The roofing contractors at Total Roofing of Fort Worth can answer questions about roof maintenance or emergency repairs.

If the noise is new, then the problem may be fixed with a simple repair. If the noise is due to the design of the home, then the remedy could be substantial. An alternative to a structural upgrade is to install sound insulation in the attic. Installation of sound insulation is a relatively simple job that can have a significant effect on the reduction of the noise levels in the home.

If the home has a basic or laminated asphalt roof and the local building code allows for it, another option is to install a second roof layer over the first. It's possible to install a second asphalt layer, but a steel roof or other metal roof is also a very effective option. In fact, some homeowners will have an asphalt layer installed along with their new steel roof as an alternative to insulation foam.

Homeowners should know that it's possible to improve the overall sound transmission class of the various components of the home without structural upgrades. In addition to installing sound insulation in the attic, a home renovation crew can work throughout the home to add insulation, tighten existing construction and thoroughly seal any gaps.

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