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High winds are a common cause of many Fort Worth roofing issues, yet it seems that many homeowners do not pay appropriate attention to their roofs as it relates to preventing the significant damage that may result from high winds. Through regular inspection and maintenance, homeowners can feel confident in their roof's ability to withstand excessive winds while protecting the home from further damage.

There are specific steps that the homeowner can take to ensure that their roof will function appropriately during conditions in which highs winds are present, and there are several common roofing issues that homeowners should be able to identify so that the roof is not susceptible to damage caused by excessive winds. While there are indeed many aspects of inspection and maintenance that can be performed by the homeowner, there are also instances in which it is best to call upon an experienced roofing professional.

One of the most common issues involves the flashing of the roof. If the flashing has not been properly installed or has been degraded due to weather or other conditions, then it is possible for open seams to result in a greater potential for blow offs during high winds.

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In some cases, the seams may have been exposed to weather conditions before they were allowed to properly cure, thereby reducing the efficacy of the seams and increasing the risk of a blow off during excessively windy conditions. The performance of a regular inspection can reveal a number of these issues, and it is vital that these issues are addressed as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage.

The other factor that homeowners should consider is the strength of the sheathing. The sheathing of the home plays an important role in protecting against wind damage, and it should therefore be checked regularly to ensure that it is functioning in the manner it should. The sheathing can be inspected from the attic, and it is important for the homeowner to look for signs of degradation, including delamination or swelling. This is especially important if condensation is common to the attic, as this increases the likelihood that the sheathing will degrade.

In instances in which damage is observed during an inspection, the homeowner should take immediate steps to repair the damage. Whether the repairs are performed by a professional roofer or by the homeowner, it remains vital that the proper repairs are made and that the roof is inspected for any signs of additional damage. This sort of vigilance is essential for homeowners who wish to prevent wind damage from causing costly repairs that could have been easily avoided through regular inspections and appropriate maintenance.

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