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In the modern construction context, a flat roof is a roof with a roof pitch less than 10 degrees. Flat roofs are appealing because they're easy to work on and relatively less expensive to maintain, repair and reroof. A disadvantage to flat roofs, however, is that they do tend to require maintenance more frequently. Although the property owner can perform much of that minor upkeep, flat roofs also require the regular attention of a Fort Worth roofing professional.

Perhaps the biggest issue with flat roofs is their susceptibility to slow or blocked drainage. Since the roof has a gentle slope, water doesn't travel across it with a great deal of force. If anything impedes the path of the draining water, then standing water can pool, and this can result in a number of problems. Therefore, property owners should inspect the drainage system at least once a month on average and at least once a week during extended periods of wet weather.

Flat roofs are also prone to the accumulation of debris, including leaves and trash. In order to slow this accumulation, it's essential to prune trees regularly so that they don't overhang the roof. Even with proper trimming, accumulation will occur.

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Piles of organic matter are particularly worrisome because they hold moisture and often promote decay. Both moisture and decay can cause the materials commonly used on flat roofs to break down faster and require replacement earlier.

The indications of wear and tear on a flat roof often aren't as obvious as they are on a pitched roof. After all, there aren't any missing or broken shingles to look for. Splits, cracks and punctures in the roof coating, however, are an indication of an issue. Have a professional roofer attend to large splits, cracks and punctures right away. If the damage isn't large and doesn't extend beyond the top layer of the coating, then it may be possible to patch it using a patching kit. Note that small fractures are expected and don't require immediate attention, but they should be monitored.

Other potential issues to a flat roof include blistering and ridging. Blistering, which is caused by trapped air in the felt layers, tends to result in areas of the roof that are raised and spongy. Ridging, which is generally caused by condensation along the roof joints, results in long, narrow cracks. The difference between these cracks and normal cracks is the length and uniformity. Both blistering and ridging are serious problems that require immediate attention from a professional.

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