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Most homeowners do not consider the condition of their roof until damage develops. A homeowner faced with a water leak will unfortunately come to realize first hand how destructive water can be to a home's structure. Even leaks that are very small can lead to extensive damage that requires thousands of dollars to repair. To avoid this scenario, it's important for a homeowner to understand the signs of water leaks and to contact a Fort Worth roofing company to fix any problems in a timely manner.

If a homeowner hears or sees dripping water in some part of their home, he or she needs to quickly investigate and locate any trouble spots. However, in many cases, it is not clear where the source of the leak is. They require a thorough investigation. Some of the signs that indicate the potential of a water leak include floors, walls or ceilings that are wet. Discoloration, stained patches, bulges or areas where paint is peeling are indications that leaking water may be a problem. In addition, another sign that water is wreaking havoc in the structure of a home is when a homeowner picks up the scent of a musty odor. This clue indicates that moisture is present.

If a homeowner sees any indication that water is leaking into their home, their next step is to investigate walls and ceilings in upper floors or go to the attic if they have one.

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With a strong powered flashlight, a person needs to look at every corner. If a leak is present, it should be worse in the attic and fairly obvious, but this is not always the case. Along with the search for water, a homeowner will want to locate any evidence that mold has been growing, which is another sign of a potential problem.

The last step to locating a water leak in a home is to get on top of the roof and search for penetrations. With a partner inside of the attic, the person on top of the roof should take a garden hose and spray it in areas where they think a roof leak has developed. If they hit the right spot, more water should come through the decking and become visible to the inside partner. It may also become necessary for the person on the roof to remove shingles in the area where they believe there is a leak. When this is done, visible signs of discoloration or rot should be seen.

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