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Clay tiles offer homes an attractive Spanish or Mediterranean flare that is unique compared to shingles or metal sheet roofs. They offer a durability that is almost unmatched, and they insulate the home much better than other materials. However, the installation process is very involved and should only be undertaken by an experienced Fort Worth roofing contractor.

There are several models of tile that have distinct physical characteristics, so it is best to do some initial research before purchasing. The installation process will not change significantly; this decision is primarily aesthetic. Some of the popular models include plain rectangular tiles, S shaped pantiles, Roman tiles, which include a flat cross section, and overlapped mission tiles.

Before an installation is attempted, hire a contractor to inspect the roof. Terracotta tiles are quite heavy, and the roof may require additional support before it will be able to withstand the weight of the tiles. This will increase the cost of the project, as well as the time needed to complete it.

Once the roof has been inspected and/or reinforced, the contractor will install an underlayment.

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A high quality underlayment reinforced and saturated with asphalt will improve the durability, and thus the life, of a tile roof, so it is important to choose a high quality material. The contractor will follow up the underlayment with the flashing.

It is time to begin the installation. The first tile will be laid on the batten so that it overhangs the edge by two inches. The contractor will drive a nail into it and lay another tile atop the inner edge and nail it down in the same way. The contractor will repeat this process at the other edge of the ridge. This is used to establish the measurements of the roof, determining the number of tiles required to complete the installation. As the tiles are laid, mortar will be applied to the outer ends of the ridge tiles to cement the pieces together. This helps to seal and secure the roof, increasing its durability and protecting it against the weather.

Once the dimensions have been established, the contractor will start at the end of the ridge and work towards the center, laying tiles until he reaches the middle. The reason they are installed this way is because a key ridge tile is needed in the middle of the ridge. He will repeat this process on the other end and then begin to work down towards the edge of the roof.

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