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Most homeowners see shingles when they look at their roofs. Naturally, therefore, when it comes to roof replacement and maintenance, their first thought is about the need to replace those shingles. This thought is reinforced by the reality that most re-roofing projects mean just that. In fact, many municipalities allow for two or more layers of shingles. This means it is not unreasonable for roofers to simply put another layer on top of what is already there.

Fort Worth Roofing professionals, however, understand that a roofing system is about more than shingles. There are many other elements to an effective roof, all of which are important to keep your most valuable investment dry and safe. When a homeowner considers roof replacement, it is important to remember all the roof components that are underneath those shingles.

In addition to that top layer, a standard residential roof system includes underlayment, roof sheathing, rafters, sub-fascia, fascia and soffit vents. These products are almost entirely wood or wood composite. They are susceptible to damage from the elements, age and other factors. This means before a final decision to simply replace those shingles is made, some attention needs to be given to the substructure of the roof.

If your roofing contractor plans to strip the old shingles and underlayment off the roof, then an inspection can be made from the topside.

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Sagging, rot, discoloration or holes will all be visible. In situations where the old shingles are not being removed, then it is advisable for your contractor to inspect the substructure from within the attic. You do not want new shingles to go over the top of rotten boards or planks. And you certainly want to take care of any major problems with rafters in the attic. Failing to address these issues can lead to serious and possibly dangerous problems with your roof.

Most of the time there are no issues with roofing substructure. It is always good, however, to protect your investment by doing an inspection before work is done on the roof. Although you may end up needing to spend more than you want in the short term, in the long run, you can save yourself a bundle by not needing to pull new shingles off and repair something underneath.

A roof is a layered system of protection for your home. It is important to make sure all the layers are healthy and strong. Always remember, when re-roofing, be sure to check what lies beneath.

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