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A subject not mentioned much in the Fort Worth area is ice dams. Although they are not common in this area, it is possible to experience ice dams and their damaging effects. Being knowledgeable about what they are and their potential hazards can help you act quickly to avoid long lasting damage. If damage were to occur, Fort Worth roofing professionals is the place to call.

In general, ice dams are created when snow on a roof melts and flows downward towards a portion of the roof where ice has accumulated. This runoff then re-freezes and creates the ice dam. More melting snow is exposed to the ice dam and backs up. There is no way to for this water to flow off the roof. Instead, the water seeks cracks, crevices and unsealed areas leading into the attic. Pooling on the attic floor can occur and will cause damage if it remains for an extended length of time. The homeowner may be faced with stained ceilings at the very least.

Permanent damage can result if ice dams are a recurring problem. Sheathing may be compromised causing structural damage. The weight from snow and ice can cause warping of support beams. Insulation can become damp, causing mold and mildew.

Preventing ice dams is the best way to combat them.

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The design of a home itself can make it prone to ice dams. Recessed lights, modern roof designs and the use of skylights will increase the risk of ice dam formations.

An easy way to prevent dams is to have proper attic ventilation. When the temperature of the underside of the roof and the outside air temperature are similar, the freezing effect is eliminated. Bringing outside air into the attic will allow these two temperatures to be similar. Another way to avoid dams is to keep gutters free from leaves and debris. This will allow proper runoff and not allow the water to gather and then freeze.

A quick remedy to remove an ice dam is to simply spray them with a garden hose. Typically, the hose water will be warmer than the ice, thus melting the ice. If this does not work, create channels in the ice by chipping through it to recreate a runoff area. Be sure not to stand on the roof while chipping and be cautious of falling ice. Sometimes just removing the snow from the roof with a broom or shovel is enough to solve the problem. Whichever method you choose, be careful not to damage the roofing from under it.

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