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Many homeowners only begin to wonder what they could have done differently to protect their roofs or prevent damage after it has already occurred. Fort Worth roofing experts agree that, sometimes, damage is not inevitable and can be prevented beforehand if the homeowner chooses the right type of roofing, has their roof inspected annually and keeps up with maintenance and minor repairs. Here are some ways homeowners can help protect their roofs.

The first way to prevent roofing damage begins before the roof is even installed. Homeowners who have serious concerns about future roof damage should choose materials that are impact resistant. In recent years, many different varieties of impact resistant shingles have become available, many of which are also attractive and energy efficient. Not only that, but standards have been created to measure how resistant any shingle is to impacts from hail.

Beginning in 1996, the Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and its partners began developing the UL 2218 classification system. These represent a set of national standards for measuring roof impact resistance. The rating system classifies materials from Class 1 through 4, based on rigorous impact testing that utilizes steel balls that are designed to simulate 90-mph hailstone impacts of varying sizes.

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Class 4 is the best rating shingles can receive. Homeowners should select Class 4 shingles if they live in an area prone to hail.

Another way to help prevent damage is through an annual roof inspection. While some types of roof damage happen suddenly, it is even more common for issues to develop over time. The homeowner is even often aware that something is wrong up there. These issues can range from loose shingles caused by the wind or more subtle damage caused by winter weather. An inspection by a professional roofer can identify these issues before they become more serious and more costly.

Homeowners should consider investing in seasonal maintenance and cleaning to ensure that their roof is properly cared for. These efforts can dramatically extend the lifespan of the roof and keep it attractive and in pristine condition for much longer. Like annual inspections, regular maintenance helps catch issues as soon as possible, saving both money and heartache down the road.

In general, maintenance involves removing leaves, twigs and other debris, as well as tacking down loose shingles and making sure that flashing is tight and secure. Cleaning focuses on debris and stain removal, including in most cases, clearing the gutters. These tasks are very helpful in maintaining the health of both new and older roofs.

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