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Green roofs, also called living roofs, are roofs that consist of a top layer of vegetation. The nature of this vegetation can vary widely. Some homeowners choose to seed their roof with similar flora as the surrounding land for easy maintenance and aesthetic continuity, while others turn their roofs into flower gardens. This depends primarily on the goals of the building owner. Because most people prefer their roof to be low maintenance, hardy varieties of plant are typically selected.

While Fort Worth roofing experts note that green roofs are not particularly common, it is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking novel ways to boost environmental health and awareness to install these eco-friendly structures.

Green roofs have numerous advantages. First of all, a green roof allows your home to have a positive environmental impact by replacing inorganic roofing materials with plant life. Green roofs save on heating and cooling costs in the home. Sod and plant life happens to be extremely effective thermal insulation. In the summer, the sod roof reflects heat away from the home. During the winter, it keeps heat from escaping through the roof. These roofs are popular among homebuyers, as well.

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Some estimates suggest that a green roof increases the value of a property by up to seven percent. Furthermore, green roofs can increase the longevity of the underlying roof substantially. Because the sod layer and the plants siphon off water that contacts the roof, the waterproof membrane underlayment is put under less pressure when compared to other materials.

While green roofs have many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The most pressing drawback for most homeowners is price. Installing a green roof could cost twice as much as the typical asphalt shingle roof. Furthermore, specific types of green roofs may encounter the same structural problems as tile roofs. Basically, the original roofing structure will be burdened with excessive weight. This, in turn, can cause the cost of a green roof to soar even higher because additional reinforcements must be attached to the roof's frame. Finally, it is worth noting that insects and other pests may be drawn to the plant life on the roof, inviting other pests indoors through open windows, doors, and cracks.

No roofing system is perfect, but green roofs offer a great solution for those looking to minimize the environmental impact of their home. Additionally, green roofs are a great way to boost the curb appeal of a large building or residential home.

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