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Though there are a number of companies that now manufacture roofing shingles, one of the leading names in the industry is GAF. GAF actually works with roofers and provides roofing companies with training and education that they will not get from other companies. It also has its own approval process, which lets Fort Worth roofing companies get a seal of approval from the company. Those companies can then offer homeowners and other clients and extended warranty that they can transfer to the names of future owners later. Contractors usually recommend that their clients look at the different products and shingle types from GAF to decide exactly what they want.

The shingles available from GAF typically fall into one of four categories: three tab shingles, architectural shingles, specialty shingles or designer choice shingles. Three tab is one of the more popular options because this design is among the most affordable. The design features a flat shingle with tabs or overhanging edges on three sides. When properly installed, three tab styles add a more decorative look and create some dimension on the roof.

Those willing to spend a little more on their roofing projects will find that the architectural shingles from GAF have an even more decorative look. Rated one of the top shingles in the world and one of the best selling products for several straight years, the architectural designs have an even more dimensional look and come in more colors, which gives homeowners more options as to how their finished roofs will look.

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Texas homeowners may also want to consider spending more and investing in specialty shingles. GAF manufactures these shingles as a way to meet more of the needs that shoppers have. These designs are resistant to impacts, which means that hail and other weather conditions will roll right off the roof without damaging the shingles. GAF also produced this style with energy savings in mind. The shingles act as an additional layer of insulation to keep the home hot or cold throughout the year.

Homeowners living in historic or older homes with projections like dormers may prefer the designer choice range. These shingles can fit around any projection, including a dormer, and prevent leaks and other common problems. The designer choice range comes in more styles than any other option, and homeowners can select from different sizes and shapes as well. Though this range is the most expensive of the shingles produced by GAF, many homeowners prefer this range because it gives them more options.

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