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Firestone is a name that many people associate with cars and automobiles, but the company produces a large number of different products, including a wide range of roofing materials. Though some might assume that it focuses primarily on asphalt shingles, Firestone expanded from asphalt into other types of material that are even stronger and more durable. These products include both shingles and products that contractors install beneath the shingles. Working with a Fort Worth roofing company approved by Firestone ensures that homeowners get a great warranty from the manufacturer and that they have access to all the best roofing products.

Two of the more common products available from the company are its asphalt and metal roofing systems. Metal roofing systems may feature a new metal deck or an older wood roof deck. Many homeowners choose metal because they like the decorative look of the material and because they know that a metal deck can last for more than 100 years with proper care. The asphalt shingles produced by Firestone are similar to those produced by other companies and last for up to 25 years or longer. The shingles have a thick coating of granules added during the manufacturing process that protects the asphalt from moisture.

Firestone expanded into fields other than shingles after noticing the number of customers using roofing materials from other companies.

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Shoppers will now find waterproofing and sealing materials that contractors can use on their roofs. Waterproofing materials can plug cracks and holes that let water into the house and prevent any future water damage from impacting the roof. Firestone also makes a sealant that contractors can pour directly on the roof to help seal and waterproof the space without needing to mix the solution first. Other popular products include flashing, tape systems and pipe protectors.

The company also worked with roofing companies to develop a recycling program that allows homeowners and roofers to recycle old shingles and other materials removed from a roof. This is part of the green initiative program that Firestone launched to help better protect the environment. Homeowners can choose green and environmentally friendly products from the manufacturer too, including vegetative roof systems, adhesives that use fewer chemicals, and membranes and other materials made from recycled components. A vegetative roofing system usually features some type of waterproof base that keeps water off the roof and allows homeowners to select plants and flowers to turn a portion of or their entire roofs into a garden.

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