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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About Emergency Repairs During The Winter

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When the roof starts leaking during a major storm, there isn't much a homeowner can do. Once the storm has passed, however, contacting a local Fort Worth roofing company to handle the repairs should take top priority. The key to keeping maintenance costs down is to set up regular roofing inspections because once the roof starts leaking, repairs can get quite extensive if homeowners wait. Rotted roof decking, wet insulation, damaged ceilings and mold growing inside the walls can quickly become a nightmare that could have easily been avoided if homeowners had made regular inspections a part of their routine maintenance plan.

However, not all emergency roof repairs can be predicted. Heavy winds can get up underneath the shingles and rip them off the house. A tree branch that hangs out over the tiles might break off and fall, causing clay tiles to crack or chip. Hail might smack the composite shingles, leaving a multitude of dents and cracks, or the gutter might receive a large amount of asphalt granules that prevents it from doing its job. Wind can also rip the gutters off the fascia board.

No matter what the situation is, homeowners need to take emergency roofing repairs seriously. Despite the inconvenience, putting off contacting a roofing expert will only compound the problem and affect the family's health and safety.

The roofing experts at Total Roofing of Ft Worth can answer questions about emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

Many roofing companies will work directly with insurance companies, cutting down drastically on any out of pocket expenses. Plus, many insurance policies require homeowners to contact a professional roofer within a particular deadline after a storm.

Depending on the extent of the damage, most roofing projects only take a day or two, especially if homeowners look for companies that specialize in emergency repairs. Broken tiles, missing shingles, uplifted flashing or damage to the gutters or soffit can generally be repaired quickly. Leaking skylights are also an easy fix. If the roof has been leaking, however, the nature of the problem will depend on how long it's been leaking and what part of the home was harmed.

Sometimes, leaks are difficult to find, and if the roof has been leaking for any length of time, mold might have to be removed and important roof structures rebuilt. The roof is more than just the top layer of shingles or tiles. It's a complete system that must be kept dry and in good repair to function efficiently. Homeowners should never put repairs off until spring. Waiting will only cause the current damage to get worse.

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