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Looking at a roof from ground level is not the best way to detect roof damage. While it may look perfectly fine from below, once on top of the roof, the view could reveal damaged or missing shingles, dented metal, cracked tiles, and other problems. Homeowners who choose to inspect their roof without the help of a Fort Worth Roofing professional need to know what to look for and what to do about any damage they discover.

Harsh weather can negatively affect a homeowner's roof, even if the roof is made out of a very durable material. Wind, hail, snow, ice, flying debris and falling tree limbs are all potentially harmful. Damage can also be caused by termites, other insects, or poor installation technique. Roof inspections fall under the category of maintenance, and they are vital. With inspections, homeowners catch, control and repair problems while they are small. Without regular inspections, small problems grow into expensive repairs.

Armed with a desire to keep the roof in top-notch condition, homeowners inspecting the rooftop need to look for certain tell-tale signs of damage. First, homeowners should asses the flashing, which is a term used to describe the metal pieces placed around venters, dormers, and chimneys.

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The purpose of flashing is to keep water from seeping into the home. If you notice that this structure is loose, splitting, bent or corroded, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Damaged flashing is a gateway for leaking water, which could result in water damage and rotting wood.

Asphalt shingles become brittle over time, which causes the granular surface to loosen and seep into gutters. Without these granules, shingles develop bare spots. Aging also causes asphalt shingles to warp, tear and curl. Wood roofing can warp and dry rot. Because damage often occurs away from the roof's edge, a thorough inspection is needed at roof level. Homeowners should be careful on the rooftop; it is especially dangerous to walk on damaged roofing.

When inspecting metal roofing, look for rust, corrosion and pitting, as well as open joints and seams. Slate, tile and cement roofing are long-lasting, but easily broken. Ice and other harsh conditions can cause breaking and chipping, as well as entire pieces to fall off of the roof.

Roof inspection should be added to the regular household to-do list. Fort Worth homeowners should undertake this important task themselves, or allow a professional roofer to do the job. Why not invest a small amount of time or money in roof maintenance as a preventative measure that maximizes the life of a roofing system?.

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