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If it is time to replace those old shingles on you roof, then you have an opportunity to enhance your home's appearance. As a major feature of the home, the roof actually accounts for 40 percent of the home's visual appeal from the curb. This is especially true if you decide to install designer shingles.

These upgraded roof coverings go by a variety of names such as decorative, architectural or dimensional. They all stand out because they have a more varied and dimensional appearance than the regular three tab roof shingles. Some of these designer shingles are made of asphalt, but use extra layers for an upscale look. Others are manufactured with synthetic materials and can mimic tile, wood and other substances. As with all building products, there are pros and cons to using designer shingles.

Fort Worth roofing contractors can tell you that one of the greatest advantages to using dimensional shingles is the new look they can give to your house. These products have excellent curb appeal, especially on steep roof planes. In addition, the typical designer shingle is made of higher quality and lasts longer than a regular shingle.

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This means homeowners can potentially enjoy long-term savings by choosing to go with a better-looking roof.

One of the largest disadvantages to using designer shingles is the initial cost. They tend to run about 20 percent more than regular asphalt shingles do. Some homeowners also report that their dimensional shingles trap water and cause mildew and discoloration.

The installation of designer shingles on your home is almost guaranteed to improve your homes appearance. However, some homeowners may want to consult with a professional designer to make sure they select a style and pattern that is the most appropriate fit for their home. An experienced roofing contractor can also provide advice about designer shingle selection. Roofing professionals are normally familiar with the latest products and sometimes are aware of sales or discount promotions on shingles.

Interestingly, designer shingles have become so popular they are often as easy to get, and in some cases easier, than regular three tab shingles. They are the standard in new construction and many re-roofing projects include them as well. Installing them as part of your roof replacement goes beyond a sensible maintenance project. You can transform your entire roofline and improve your home's value in one investment. This is why designer shingles are quickly becoming the norm.

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