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When homeowners begin looking at new houses, they often look at the foundation, the amount of available space and other features without thinking about the type of roof the home features. Different types of roofs are more susceptible to damage from the environment and from certain weather conditions, including rain, wind and hail. Homeowners who need to replace their roofs because of condition issues or significant damage may want to work with Fort Worth roofing companies to learn more about the common types of roofs, the problems associated with each type and which roofs work best in Texas.

The two more common types of roofs found in the country are hip roofs and gable roofs. A gable roof comes in an open or boxed version. The open style features two roofing panels that meet at the ridge line and have open areas at either end. The boxed version features the same two panels but have additional panels added to each end that box or close off the ends of the roof. Open gable roofs are more susceptible to damage like buckling, curling and cracking.

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A hip roof uses four panels that meet along the ridge, which is essentially a line that runs down the center of the building. Homeowners may also like the look of a pyramidal roof, which is a similar to a hip design but has the panels meeting at a central point.

Another common type is something called a gambrel roof, which uses four panels that meet at three separate points. One point is at the very center of the roof, and the other points are further down on the roof. Some refer to this as a barn roof because it looks similar to the roofs found on barns. Homes may also feature a faux gambrel, which is a typical gable roof with decorative elements added to mimic the look of a gambrel design.

A saltbox roof is a popular option in many rural parts of the south. This design is especially common on homes from the 19th century and earlier. It usually features a gable design with one section of the roof being much shorter than the section located on the back of the house. Other popular designs include the jerkinhead, flat, mansard and flat roofs. The best type of roof for a home often depends on the weather conditions in the area, the style of the existing roof and any projections like dormers used on the home.

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