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Roofs typically last a long time and account for a significant portion of the cost of any home. Maintaining a roof properly is critical to getting the best return on the investment. There are several common issues that homeowners are likely to face eventually, regardless of which type of roofing materials they choose. Knowing about these issues in advance and taking a proactive approach will can save money over the lifespan of a roof. No matter the problem with a roof, treating it early will prevent the damage from becoming more severe and cut down on the amount of labor Fort Worth roofing professionals need to repair it. Simply being aware of these potential pitfalls will help homeowners develop a good maintenance plan with their chosen contractor.

The most common roofing problems develop around the flashing installed in valleys and around penetrations. Flashing is usually comprised of metal strips, which are overlapped at junctures between the roof plane and another object and some type of sealant. Flashing is sometimes left partially exposed around roof penetrations and is susceptible to oxidation, which will slowly erode its ability to prevent moisture from penetrating the roof covering.

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The sealant used in flashed joints also breaks down over time due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Some estimates attribute nearly 90 percent of roof leaks to damaged or improperly installed flashing.

Another common place for leaks to start is with worn or damaged shingles. Beyond obvious damage from high winds and storms, the asphalt in shingles breaks down over the years. Worn shingles begin to shed their protective coating of granules, which exposes the asphalt to even more UV radiation, which accelerates the breakdown of the bituminous base. Bubbling and warping are two visual signs of worn shingles as is a large amount of granules in the gutter or on the ground below the eaves. Regular biannual roof inspections conducted by trained professionals are a good way to keep track of the rate of decay.

Since roof replacement is a relatively rare occurrence in the lifespan of a home, many homeowners buy and then sell a house without needing to replace the roof. For buyers, this means it may be difficult to gauge the relative condition of a roof, since they won't know exactly how old it is. Before purchasing a house, it is always advisable to have the roof thoroughly inspected by a roofing professional. They will know how to check for problem areas, and they can assess the overall integrity of the roof.

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