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As the roofing system ages, homeowners will need to make sure that they spot early signs of damage before they have the chance to grow into larger concerns. While all types of damage may occur over the life of the system, Fort Worth roofing specialists urge homeowners to keep in mind some of the following instances of damage that older systems may develop. When customers spot these problems along their rooftop, they may need to look into extensive repair and replacement procedures to address the aging issues of their roof.

One of the first issues that homeowners should be sure to watch out for is obvious damage to the shingles. These can involve all types of damage, including missing, torn or broken shingles. Sometimes shingles may have lost granules on them, which can leave bald areas, resulting in breach points and allowing moisture to enter the roof through the substrate.

Older systems may also pose a threat to the interior of the home if they allow water to leak into the attic. As roofing systems age, they may develop breach points and crevices that can allow moisture to seep into the home's interior. Homeowners may be able to spot damage early on by inspecting their attics.

Sometimes, aging roof systems will also cause poor roof ventilation.

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This is another problem that can be spotted early on by regularly frequenting the home's attic. Aging systems collect moisture on the inside of the roofing system, leading to condensation being trapped between sensitive layers of the roof's surface. Mold damage to the deck is common in such instances.

The roof is always vulnerable to ice buildup, but the danger becomes particularly pressing when homeowners have an aging rooftop. As ice builds up or dams, older systems will be quicker to deteriorate when exposed to such damage. This can lead to frozen water building up and leaking into the attic at a faster rate.

Because older roofing systems tend to have trouble regulating heat, it is not uncommon for homeowners to see the effects of heat damage within and around their homes. Older roofs can cause paint to peel and can be a source of issues in the ventilation systems above the home. All homeowners should watch their attics to avoid such damage.

Finally, homeowners should be sure to watch out for abnormally higher energy bills. Because the attic is immediately affected by rooftop issues, it is not uncommon for poor air circulation in this area to affect the rest of the home's ventilation and insulation.

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