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While clay tiles may look great on older homes, there are several reasons why a homeowner may want to opt for a more common material such as asphalt. Those who are debating between choosing clay tiles and any other material may want to first discuss their options with a Fort Worth roofing professional. He or she can inspect the current roof and make recommendations based on what he or she finds.

When compared to asphalt shingles, clay tiles are much heavier, which may require additional bracing. In older homes, the rafter brace may be designed to handle a larger load, but newer homes may need to be reinforced. Therefore, a homeowner could face the prospect of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more than necessary to complete the project.

Clay tiles may be harder to install compared to asphalt shingles, which means that they could take more time to install. Any extra time that a contractor has to spend on a project is an additional cost that the homeowner will have to bear. It is also important to consider that it may not be possible to put tiles over existing shingles due to the extra weight.

Depending on how many layers of shingling are currently on a roof, asphalt shingles or even metal roofs may be placed right on top of existing layers.

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Therefore, a homeowner may be forced to invest in a full roof replacement even if the current roofing materials still have a significant portion of their useful life remaining.

Clay tiles are susceptible to breaking if they are not installed or otherwise handled properly. If a homeowner walks on the roof for any reason, one wrong step could result in one or more shattered tiles. Although they are strongly resistant to fire and pest damage, they could be difficult to replace if they are damaged or broken in any way.

Finally, the cost of a clay tile may be significantly more than the cost of a typical asphalt shingle. While a clay roof may last for up to 100 years, a homeowner has to decide whether the tiles will actually stay up for that long. If the current homeowner moves or style trends change in the next few years, they could be taken down before their service life runs out. While asphalt or other materials may not be as flashy, they are generally kept on a roof for their entire useful life.

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