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Fort Worth Roofing: Article About Butterfly Roofing System Advantages

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Homeowners who are interested in building their own homes with the help of licensed Fort Worth roofing professionals should think about the roofing system that they want to install. Almost all homes can easily be made compatible with all types of roofing systems, but when homeowners have background information on the rooftop itself, they will be able to make a more informed decision. One of the best types of systems that homeowners can choose to invest in are known as butterfly roofs. These roofs, as their name implies, are shaped like a butterfly's wings, with two slopes connecting at a downward angle. There are many advantages that homeowners can enjoy with these systems, especially in a more modern home.

To begin, one of the biggest benefits that homeowners can enjoy is a rooftop that can collect water much more efficiently. The butterfly roof can be used to collect water at the rooftop's center, where it can be funneled into a holding tank. This water can be used as greywater for plants or purified further for plumbing, showering and sometimes even drinking.

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Even if homeowners do not plan on storing the water, the simple funneling can focus water runoff and help roofers maintain the specific sectioning of the roof even more efficiently, especially in an area that regularly experiences rainfall.

Because of the unique way in which these systems are designed, butterfly roofs can be a very aerodynamic option for the home. They will be able to resist heavy wind damage and shingle blow offs, especially if they are installed in a windier or stormier region, such as by the coast. This means that homeowners will be able to save money on future maintenance and repairs. Because the roofing system is so reinforced against wind damage, homeowners can spend less time worrying about their rooftop's maintenance, significantly cutting down on yearly obligations for the roof's inspections.

The way in which these roofing systems are built can also allow homeowners to enjoy larger windows. Because the slope of the roof is reversed, homeowners will have more decorative wall space on the outside of their home. This means that they can arrange it in any way that they would like, which can open up more design options. The lack of low hanging eaves will also mean that if homeowners choose to install windows, the view from within those windows will be more open and spacious. Such rooftops are commonly used for single story homes to maximize their benefits.

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