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Homeowners may be used to seeing mold on bathroom walls or in the basement. In many cases, the mold is not dangerous and can be easily cleaned. However, if a home is overrun by black mold, it could cause serious structural damage to the property. Those who believe that they have this organism growing in their attic or on their roof should call a Fort Worth roofing professional immediately.

In many cases, black mold will form because of long term leaks that a homeowner may not know prior before noticing the mold growth. However, once the mold starts to grow and spread, it can be difficult to get rid of it completely. A deck roof may be susceptible to slow or undetected leaks if it is in close proximity to the home.

Therefore, it is critical that a homeowner gets a roof and attic inspection as soon as he or she sees any mold, even if it doesn't seem to be an immediate danger. This is because any surface that has been contaminated will have to be removed and most likely destroyed. Therefore, trusses, roof decks and rafter braces may have to be removed. In addition, any wood floors, subflooring or wooden beams used to keep the house standing could need to be replaced as well.

While mold will grow easily on damp or rotted wood, it can also thrive on drywall and felt paper.

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This means that it could grow underneath shingles or within interior walls of a finished attic. It can jump from surface to surface through the air whenever hot and humid conditions are present. In many cases, the mold spores themselves are too small to see with the naked eye.

Those who have trouble breathing for any reason should not live in a home that is overrun by any type of mold. However, black mold can be dangerous for anyone who breathes it in or otherwise comes into contact with it. A perfectly healthy individual could also suffer respiratory or other issues if they come into contact with the substance.

As the cost to repair the damage could be quite high, it is important for all homeowners to buy a homeowners insurance policy that will cover the cost of damage done by black mold. Even if a homeowner's policy doesn't cover the cost of damage done by black mold, the insurance company may still be required to pay to remedy extremely dangerous conditions within a home. A contractor may be able to work with the homeowner and the insurance company to determine how and when payment for services will be handled.

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