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The roof is one of the home's most important structures. It protects the inhabitants and the possessions in the home from the elements. However, Fort Worth roofing specialists have seen that many homeowners hardly even notice their roof until it begins to leak or experience other problems. When homeowners perform regular maintenance on their roof, they are able to spot potential problems and then correct them before they turn into roofing disasters.

It is important for homeowners to do regular inspections of their roof. One inspection should be done during the spring, and the other should be done during the fall. During these inspections, homeowners can use a set of binoculars to closely examine various parts of the roof. It is not necessary for them to climb up on the actual structure.

Homeowners should also look at trees that are growing near their home. If there are trees that hang over the roof, the limbs should be cut back. Disease can cause the tree limbs to break and fall on the roof. Also, wind, ice and snow can cause tree limbs to break and fall as well.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Ft Worth TX can answer questions about emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

Some tree limbs, especially if they are bogged down with ice and snow, can weigh hundreds of pounds and cause serious damage to a roof shingles and the roof deck.

Debris from trees can also cause roofing issues. Twigs and leaves should not be allowed to pile up in areas on the roof. These piles of debris will likely be wet and can cause the shingles underneath to deteriorate. This will lead to leaks in the roof and potential structural issues. Homeowners should also be sure to regularly clean the gutters of debris. If they don't, water can back up, overflow and make its way to the edges of the roof, where it can cause rot.

Homeowners need to take steps to prevent animals and insects from damaging their roof as well. Woodpeckers, raccoons, termites and a variety of other living things can damage a roof structure. If any damage is noticed during inspection, a professional roofer should be contacted to fix any problem areas.

Even though shingles have been designed to stand up to wind, during heavy windstorms, they may begin to lift up. If homeowners notice that shingles are missing, cracked or in some other way damaged, steps will need to be taken to fix the problem.

The majority of roofing issues eventually cause water infiltration and leaks, which lead to expensive repairs down the road. Homeowners can prevent the need to do major repairs by performing biannual roofing inspections.

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