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When the house needs a new roof, homeowners may want to take the opportunity to invest in a brand new roofing material. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing materials, but Fort Worth roofing professionals are experts at installing a variety of roof types, including metal. Although it may seem to be a better match for commercial buildings, metal roofing has many benefits homeowners may be unaware of. In addition, choosing a resilient and effective roofing material is one of the more important aspects of home maintenance.

Metal roofing is most often made of aluminum or steel. Less often, titanium, copper and zinc are used for special architectural roofing. When manufactured, metal is first made into very large rolls, then given a rust-preventing metallic coating and then painted. Aluminum is made the same way but without the metal coating. After painting, metal is sent to roofing manufacturers for roll forming or stamping into shingles.

Homeowners have several style options to consider as well. Vertical seam panels are long metal pieces with a rib that extends from the eaves to the roof ridge. Modular press-formed pieces are interlocking panels that can resemble shingles, wood shake, slate or tile.

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Modular press-formed panels are also made with an acrylic coating and stone granules on top. These have the look of shingles, tile and wood shake.

Metal roofing reflects heat, meaning lower energy bills. It is often made of recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. Often, metal roofs can be installed on top of other roofing material, such as asphalt, which means the old roofing material won't be added to a landfill. Metal roofing only weighs half what asphalt shingles weigh and about a fourth of other roofing materials. Incredibly durable, metal roofing does not shrink, it resists cracking and corrosion and it can withstand heavy snowfall, wildfires and other harsh conditions. Properly maintained, metal roofing can last 40 years or longer.

Metal does have its drawbacks. It can be expensive and improper installation can lead to leaks and parts of the roof blowing off. After heavy rainfall, water may pond on the roof. Removing it quickly is important to avoid leaks.

Because it can mimic the look of other roofing materials and is made in varied colors, metal roofing works well with any style home. Fort Worth homeowners interested in this versatile material should talk to a roofing installation expert. Deciding on a metal roof could be the last roofing choice necessary for decades to come.

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