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When choosing shingles to add to a new roof or a replacement roof, homeowners often find themselves so concerned with the look and color of the shingles that they don't focus on the benefits of different designs. Atlas is the manufacturer of several different types of shingles. Most Fort Worth roofing companies have experience installing three-tab shingles and other styles that come from this manufacturer. Before selecting any type of shingle, homeowners should look at each type and the benefits that each one has.

One of the leading designs from Atlas is something called slate style shingles. Slate tiles are often quite heavy and are susceptible to breaking and cracking from weather conditions and even during routine repairs. Atlas created its line of fake slate shingles to appeal to those who wanted the look of slate but wanted more protection too. This type comes in several different colors that contractors can install on the roof to mimic the color variations found in natural slate.

Atlas is also responsible for a line designed to look like wood shake.

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Experts generally recommend that homeowners do not use wood shake on their roofs because it is susceptible to fire damage and can rot or wear down, even when coated with a waterproofing material. This line of shingles comes in smaller sizes with decorative edges that look like wood shake when viewed from the ground or lawn.

Homeowners can also choose three tab shingles from the manufacturer. These shingles use fiberglass, which makes the finished product more durable than ordinary asphalt and composite shingles. Each one features a flat portion in the middle with a small tab located on each of the shorter sides and one of the longer sides. This helps contractors easily install the shingles on a roof. Three tab shingles come in multiple color and design options.

Those who look at the benefits of Atlas shingles should keep in mind that the company offers a number of designs that feature Scotchgard Protector. Scotchgard Protector comes standard on many of the company's top brands and types of shingles, but homeowners may also find the protective feature comes on other items, including materials used on and around the flashing and chimney. Atlas also produces a line of accessories, including starter strips and rolls that contractors use when first laying out rows of shingles, and protectors designed for use on the ridges and hips of a roof.

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